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What Attendees Are Saying

Boosting Our Culture

Our offices invited Corey and her team to help us facilitate our annual planning meeting this past fall with a focus on boosting our culture and learning more about DISC and Driving Forces as a team. The experience has been immensely impactful in improving our hiring and training process, ensuring we get the right people on the bus and sitting in the right seats. Not only that, but in day to day interactions. The assessments have been helpful in managing interpersonal quandaries and taking the subjectiveness out of those situations. We are able to use the assessments to break down what triggers could have occurred and how to better communicate with one another.

Miranda B.


Learning the Business Side

Our office used Corey’s concepts to set up better systems in the hygiene department. Our hygienists were excited to work with her to learn the business side, without compromising their value of patient care.

David V.


Scripting and Methods

I have not worked with more talented ladies EVER! I myself possess a diverse knowledge of the dental world and thought there was little I didn’t know. Jill & Corey have knocked it out of the park with subtle verbal lingo and best known methods on working with “out of network” carriers. They bring positivity to a whole new level!! Thank you ladies for being ROCK STARS!!

Brenda G.

Office Manager


Corey has a contagious fire and passion for what she does!

Udoka H.

Business Owner

True Professionals, Well Rounded

I highly recommend the team at Change Navigators. They provide a very well-rounded array of expertise and are true professionals.

Jill L.


Enthusiastic and Informative

Very informative presentation; really enjoyed Corinne?s enthusiasm, and her desire to strengthen me as a clinical provider.


Dental Hygienist

Practical Insight

I have used other personality assessments, and utilized personal coaching, but listening to Corey?s course really gave me the practical and insight into what my next step needed to be in my career. I loved how she really cared about my happiness in what I am spending my time doing.




Team Communication

We used the team assessments for our business after I took the DISC/Driving Forces for myself. I spent some time with Corey and really felt the the results were accurate and ?made sense? to why I am drawn to the work and the people I am drawn to. It was very helpful to have our team learn communication preference styles so when we are on the job we can have more efficiency and less miscommunication.



Business Owner





Dental Assistant


Custom Dental Solutions

Custom Dental Solutions was founded with the goal of making it easy to manage a successful dental practice. We understand the struggles and challenges that face dentists and their teams each day, and we also know the rewarding feeling of success when your hard work pays off. Our focus is on YOU. We work directly with your team, your office, your software, and use your philosophy to create and develop strategies that your team can implement.

Our team is experienced in all facets of the dental industry. We aren’t outsiders telling you how to run things. We’ve been in your shoes and we know what it’s like to be a productive member of a dental practice. Get to know our team better by visiting the Meet Our Team page below.


Change Navigator

There is so much amazing material to read or conferences to attend on self-improvement and to encourage us to dream big, but if you don’t have the scheduled plan to move forward, it simply will continue being a dream. People feel stuck or feel as though they aren’t sure where to turn to get a better job, find a great relationship, but it is easier then you think. It really starts with learning about yourself and growing from that relationship first. What do you need to thrive? What really excites you and creates passion inside? Can you even identify with your how and why? If you need to start at square one; contact me for a personality assessment and I would be happy to review the meaning of the results and get you started on the best path forward!