Finding Your Why



Presenter: Corinne Jameson-Kuehl, RDH, BS


There is so much out there these days to encourage us to discover our why. Does it energize you to explore options or are you bothered at your lack of desire to take a step outside of your comfort zone when others around you seem to have no problem doing so?

While it is true that we do need to evaluate the life choices we make and weigh our decisions of satisfaction in our personal lives and career choices, it is important to assess our natural talents and identify our weaknesses by building a lifelong joy on the natural abilities and values we hold.

This course will:

1. Get down to the core of what motivates you.

2. You will learn what creates or drains your energy.

Learn what is the right environment and the right culture that will compliment your personality style to improve your current personal and working relationships.


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